[Annual Report 2009] Recycled Paper has got wings

How many much toilet papers did you have contactuse in the toilet, this morning? Do Did you know that an area of primeval forest the size of a soccer field size of primeval forest disappears every 2 seconds to make toilet paper tissue and paper.paper? Korean paper consumption per head is 179 kilogram per year (2006, world ranking 25, 2006,) for year and the total Korean whole consumption for Korea accounted to is around 8 million tons...    // 2010.03.22

Wrong Solution for Climate Change by the UNEP and President Lee Myeong-bak

1. Korea's civil environmental organizations, religious groups, civil society organizations and scholar groups denounce President Lee Myeong-bak and the UNEP’s claim that the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’ is the world-best model for climate change preparation. 2. Is the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’, which enforces construction of more than 20 dams and 570 million ㎥ of dredging works in 1,200km of natural riverbed...    // 2010.01.15

Green Growth Policy of the Korean Government and Its Critics

The world has been deceived by the Korean government's new vision for ‘Green Growth’. On 15 August 2008, President Lee Myung-bak proclaimed “Low Carbon Green Growth” as “a new national development paradigm that creates new growth engines and jobs with green technology and clean energy”. However, this Green Growth policy currently touted in Korea is no more than an economic development vision as the basis of this national...    // 2010.01.15

The main ingredient of the kind of synthetic detergent which we use routinely is artificial surfactant. It is made of botanical soap and oil. While other ingredients such as...
U.S. Air Force Korea is now enforcing the construction of its second runaway without conducting a proper Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)....
This summer the GKU’s monthly Small Is Beautiful and the Korea Publication Ethics Commission began a green publishing campaign to help save forests....
The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST hereafter) announced on Sept. 28th that starting from 2010 it will manufacture and distribute new middle...
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) is an intergovernmental organization designated for addressing environmental issues at the global and regional level....
It was raining unusually hard, as if the effects of Climate Change were really making themselves felt. Actually it felt good to be watching raindrops trickling down...


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