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Green is Life [ Green Korea United ]

Green Korea United has taken actions for the beautiful Planet, the Earth with the Earth People by questioning the distorted assumptions embedded in a modern society since 1991.

Green Korea United(GKU) actively involves the conservation of the ecological habitat and wildlife based on fieldworks by tackling destructive developments including roads, electronic power lines and nuclear powers, dams, mines through human interventions to protect Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, Saemangum Tidal Flat, Wetlands and Seas, endangered Wildlife Animals and Plants, and making alternatives with people. In terms of wildlife animal conservation activities, GKU has engaged in saving Bears, Gorals, Spotted Seals, Otters, Clawed Salamanders, Frogs, Whales and beyond.
GKU CHANGES the way we think and live in daily lives for an alternative society through alternative movements on farming, healthy food, consumption and transport. 
GKU EXPLORES the peace between the South and the North, Human Beings and Natures through Anti-War Peace Movements, Environmental Monitoring of Military Bases and Environmental Collaboration between North Korea and South Korea.
GKU REALISES the spirit of Co-Existence and Sharing with the silenced and oppressed in a society through Ecological Village Movement, Legal Advice and Monitoring Service and NGO-Civil Society Network.
GKU CHALLENGES the boundary of differences for the international solidarity through GKU 10 Dollar Solidarity for Green Asia to save silent sufferings behind development projects around the world.
Organizational Structure Green Korea United Headquarters Seoul, 8 GKU Local Organisations in Incheon, Wonju, Daejeon, Busan, Gwangju, Sorak, Gongju and Daegu.
GKU-Related Organizations Korea Environmental Litigation Centre; Publication; Centre [Periodical: Small is Beautiful]; Korean Institute for a Sustainable Society


In this civilization, which is opposed to nature, there is no future for humanity and ecosystems. We gather together to overcome the crisis of nature under the flag of the Green movement. Green is life and peace and is based on respect for diversity and the interconnectedness of life.
We all respect the earth and the ecosystem, as well as all of the living creatures in them. Forest and trees, heaven and ocean, water and wetland, all the creatures in space are one in life with us.
We seek to change our life and living place as Green. Together we serve as a stepping-stone for Green Policy through civic participation and self-governing.
We are eager for peace and oppose all kinds of violence and war. Furthermore, we save our wisdom and effort to make a Green World, in which humans and nature coexist
We cooperate to realize the rights of minorities and future generations. We are devoted to keep the earth, which is our livelihood, full of respect for life and share the will of peace. 

Respect for Life
  • We respect the worth and rights of all living creatures and try to conserve and recover the order of the ecosystem.
  • We understand the order of nature and wildlife and try to preserve it as a habitat of all living creatures.
  • We are against all human interference and control of nature and are strongly opposed to life itself used as a capitalistic method. 
  • We are against genetically modified organisms, which are a threat to life ethics and disturb the ecosystem. We maintain food and life security as well as the order of nature from genetic modification and toxic infection.
  • We recover the health of body, mind, and spirit through temperate living for all of life.

Construction of sustainbale Society

 We are devoted to make society sustainable and overcome the distorted economic system centered on mass production and consumption.

  • We are against multi-construction projects, which cause unbalanced city growth and destruction.  We strive to protect the forest including Baekdudaegan, wetlands, and marine as well as the diversity of species.
  • We follow the traditional idea, ‘living with nature’.
  • We establish the lifestyle ‘small is beautiful’ through moderated Green consumption. 
  • We are conscious of and practice making society and the environment sustainable for future generations.
  • We develop renewable and efficient energy by overcoming nuclear and fossil fuel centered energy.

Realization of non-violence and Peace

We oppose all kinds of violence and discrimination.

  • We do our best to stop the military facility comparative and arms industry, which cause war. All the war on earth should stop immediately and nuclear weapons and arms should be relinquished.
  • We support the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsular for the co-existence of human and nature, man and woman, and among all living creatures.
  • We try to make the formation of a tolerant spirit, open mind, and culture of peace.

Realization of participatory domocracy and Green Police

We endeavor to make participatory and self-governing democracy and to decentralize power.

  • We try to protect human rights caused by environmental problems and to realize civic environmental rights.
  • We strive to equalize the rights of minorities such as the old, young, poor, women and local residents. 
  • We strive to build an eco-village, eco-city, and green community that can realize environmental governance.
  • We cooperate with civic groups and social movement group for the progress of the Green movement in and around Korea.
 • Year of Foundation  : April, 1991
 • The number of Staff  : 40
 • The number of members  : 15,000
 • Subsidiaries  : Green Korea Legal Center
   Publication Center «Small is Beautiful»
   Korean Institute for a Sustainable Society(KISS)
   10 local chapters all around South Korea

Park, Kyung-joe / Chief Representative
Yoon, Ki-don / Secretary General   

Articles of Association of GKU
GKU Founding Declaration

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