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Is the maintenance project forming artificial rivers through construction of more than 20 dams and dredging works of 570 million ㎥ in the 4 major natural rivers of 1,200km a solution of climate change?

1. Korea's civil environmental organizations, religious groups, civil society organizations and scholar groups denounce President Lee Myeong-bak and the UNEP’s claim that the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’ is the world-best model for climate change preparation.

2. Is the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’, which enforces construction of more than 20 dams and 570 million ㎥ of  dredging works in 1,200km of natural riverbed with changes to lakes and rivers, a true alternative of climate change?

3. More than 75% of Koreans are opposed to the 4 major rivers project. But the Korean Government invested a budget of 22.2 trillion won into the major rivers project and is scheduled to build dams in rivers that most people use as drinking water. This project is the beginning of a disaster that will destroy environments and ecosystems, deteriorate the national finances and become a burden to the future generation.

3. The Korean Government neglected the rule of law and order of the constitution and the people's right. It violated the Finance Acts by omitting a preliminary feasibility survey and violated a law system related to rivers. It formalized a verification system through rough preliminary environment investigation and environmental impact assessment neglecting common sense and precedents. It violated the Cultural Properties Protection Act by an unreliable surface survey of violations for ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’ that the UNEP claimed as a model case. And the Government is now enforcing the project without a budget consultation with the National Assembly.

4. Korea's civil society organizations, environmental organizations, religious groups and academic circle are gathering strength to keep the river of life, the future and people's environmental rights from the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’ (which is in progress unreasonably) by mobilizing every temporary expedient and illegality.

5. We will record President Lee Myeong-bak and the UNEP’s evaluation of the reckless project as being the world-best model case of the climate change as historical deception and will surely obstruct it.


Reasons that Korea's civil environmental organizations oppose
the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’

- First, if the government digs the river floor, build dams and prevents waterways, the ecosystem is destroyed and the water quality rapidly gets worse.
The Lee Myeong-bak Government announced a huge dredging plan of a total of 570million ㎥. If it recklessly digs the rivers without any research and investigation, the ecosystem is destroyed and the water quality seriously gets deteriorated. The fact that “if water is pooled by interception of a flowing waterway, it becomes spoiled” is common sense and scientific knowledge. The polluted water cannot be used even if the amount is high. It is expected that if a waterway is blocked by a dam, contaminants flowing into the 4 major rivers alone will create oxygen insufficiency, eutrophication and algae phenomena, etc. and thus worsen the water quality.
- Second, the 4 major rivers are sources of drinking water that two-third Korean people use. The 4 major rivers are life-saving water, two-thirds of the Korean people get water from the Han river and the Nakdong river as living water. The simultaneous river dredging works in the area used as drinking water will seriously contaminate the reservoir. The 4 major rivers project is a construction that threatens the drinking water of the Korean people.

- Third, the flood prevention precedes measures of mountainous valley and medium and small rivers.
Currently, the Korean Government are leaving the mountainous area and lowland alone, which are regions of typhoon and flood damage, and quibbles about the maintenance of the main streams of the 4 major rivers not related to flood damage.
In the event of a localized torrential downpour of several hundred mm per second without notice because of global warming effects and unpredicted weather events, should the downpour fall in an area where water is filled in all sections of the main streams of the 4 major rivers, flood damages will only get bigger.

- Fourth, there are no investment effects of 22~30 trillion won of the taxpayer´s precious money.
The 4 major rivers project scheduled during Lee Myeong-bak’s presidential term is a civil project that will mobilize heavy equipment such as fork cranes, etc., so it can make real estate owners, the construction industry and the public works rich, but it is disregards of regional economy. It is very foolish that the Government that should lead a forward movement for green work creation, while investing 22 trillion won, that only goes to public works.

- Fifth, the ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’ isa preliminary stage of canal construction.
The plan to make 16 dams in the main stream of the 4 major rivers is typically and directly connected to the canal construction. The dam construction location is also almost the same as the past Korean Peninsula canal construction plan, which intercepts the waterway and blocks water to secure water depth so a ship can travel through.

- Sixth, the Government is recklessly promoting without observing laws and procedures.
If there is spare time, Lee Myeong-bak’s government stresses ‘observation of the law and procedures’, but it violated the Finance Acts for this project, formalized a verification system related to environmental impact assessment, and violated the Cultural Properties Protection Act. The ‘Four Major Rivers Restoration Project’ cannot progress if it does not observe procedures. 

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