How many much toilet papers did you have contactuse in the toilet, this morning? Do Did you know that an area of primeval forest the size of a soccer field size of primeval forest disappears every 2 seconds to make toilet paper tissue and paper.paper? Korean paper consumption per head is 179 kilogram per year (2006, world ranking 25, 2006,) for year and the total Korean whole consumption for Korea accounted to is around 8 million tons. They That is equal toare 100,003,600 trees. The more iThe increasing rate of paper consumption makes gettingmeans that primeval forests are quickly being destroyed faster. Only a fifth part of the world’s primeval forest is left nowremains.

In 1996 Green Korea United began the a campaign that to use recycled paper to protect the forest, which supports many lives and is also lung of the Earth since 1996. One Green Korea United specialized agency named <Small is beautiful> has began usingpublished 100% recycled paper for its publications in 1996 and it declared as that "no paper day" for on Aril 4th 2002. In 2007, thanks to this agency, It succeeded in publishing by recycled paper for the 7th book 7th of Harry Potter book in 2007.was published using 100% recycled paper. In 2009, the recycled paper campaign had getting succeededmet with great success.

Publishing recycled paper national textbooks using recycled paper

In August 2009, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology decides decided to make middle school and high school text books and manuals by using recycled paper with 30% of coming from waste paper from 2010 onwards.

If aA text book used at in school is published in using recycled paper, it can cause the growth of the related industry will grow because the proportion of the market occupied by recycled paper occupies in the proportion at publication marketincreases as is publishcationed rises. In addition, the meaning significance of using educational materials in this way used in teaching has a great effect on educational effect. So, publishing national textbooks by using recycled paper is a key part of the recycled paper campaign, with many elementary, middle, high school students participating in the campaigning on the streets,to support the publishing use of recycled paper textbooks of 2,000 have been signedand collecting 2000 signatures so far. In particular, Ogum hHigh Sschool Cclub 'Natura' and Sokcho Ggirl’s Mmiddle Sschool sstudents volunteers worked hard for the campaign and elementary education.

Sokcho girl’s middle school students sent banners and poems using for use in thecampaign to the Green Korea United.

Green Korea United and Small Is Beautiful have proceeded to promote the "campaign to help save forests" to inform many people with starsthrough the power of celebrity. Yoo SeungHo and Ko Ah Seong shoot have shot pictures on the subject such as "Publishing textbooks by recycled paper" and Kim Hye Ssoo who was issued recruited at the beginningof 2010 took pictures on the subjects such as "Making wedding invitation cards by recycled paper"."In addition, this the cast does not envyis a match for any blockbuster movie. Lee SunKyun (Tumbler), Kang SanEh (Handkerchief), Yu JiTae (Recycled paper publication), Park ChulMin (Recycled paper name card), Crying nut (Recycled notebook), Kim YoonA (Recycled copying paper), Ahn SangTae (Recycled paper envelope), Ho Ran (Recycled paper dairy) have alsojoined the recycled paper campaign. Crying nut participated in a street campaign in Myeongdong.

The "Green publishing campaign to help save forests" that which publishesd books by using recycled paper started with Korea Publications Ethics Commissions. The bookNow books published by using recycled paper can use display the green publishing logo. At the Eend of 2009, Green publishing hads got increased recycle paper publications increasing by 10 percents within in just 1 year. This recycled paper campaign has also been featured in the following also can watch on the TV programs:. November 2008 KTV Live Wide, 29th November 2008 KBS Open Channel-Recycled paper is beautiful, 22nd April 2009 KBS Environment Special-The life of paper, and 2nd September 2009 KBS Environment Special-The 6 things to save the earth. All these programs coveredbroadcasted about the recycled paper campaign in detail. We will try to promote recycled paper can beas a cultural lifen alternative in life and culture by continuing thespreading recycled paper campaign as in various ways in social fields in 2010.

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