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Buy Nothing Day

GKU has held an international Buy Nothing Day since 1999 in Korea.

Buy Nothing Day 2002
– Hip Hop Music Concert for BND

November 24, in the heaven for "shopaholics” – Myoungdong, people formed a picket like with the message, “Give one day off to the Earth,” “Simple life is beautiful,” and “Green Consumption.” Suddenly young men shout with the beat:
One is Buy!
Two is Nothing!
Three is Buy Nothing Day!

BND- Hip-hop concert: we thought if we talk about BND through music it would be easy to understand. People enjoyed the music and moved with the music. GKU volunteers discussed what they wanted to buy, why, and how important consumption is to the environment.
The campaign participants wrote a letter to the earth and confessed how terribly they have treated it. During our campaign we met a famous writer “Animal Rights” Pitt Singer by chance. He came to Korea in order to give a lecture. He said, “I am really happy that Korea has a Buy Nothing day. Let’s work together for the Earth.” This campaign was prepared by GKU civilian groups and volunteers. They prepared for one month and had a lot of discussion and study. We give a big hand to all the planners and participants! Not only one day for earth, but everyday is Earth day!

Buy Nothing Day 2001

Members of Green Korea and its youth wing, IGL, picketed and staged exhibitions to celebrate the second anniversary of "Buy Nothing Day" in Korea.
The tropical forests are being destroyed to produce things that we do not really need and the waste is recklessly thrown away, causing serious pollution. In addition, this society of consumption is making the poor poorer and the rich richer.
As many as 6.6 percent of Koreans are "shopaholics," who need to go shopping nonstop until they feel better. We hope that by buying nothing for just one day, people will get a chance to think seriously about the importance of preserving the environment.

The members collected signatures from passers-by that pledged not to buy anything that day. Various surveys were also conducted with questions such as "How many times have you changed your mobile phone?" and "Open your wallet and count how many unnecessary cards are inside."

The "Buy Nothing Day" campaign was launched in 1992 by a Canadian advertising planner, who reportedly felt guilty about making ads that lured people to buy unnecessary things.
Thirty-eight nations took part in the campaign this year. Green Korea United introduced it to Korea for the first time in 1999.

Further information on 'International Buy Nothing Day’ can be found at

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