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Let's Wear Underclothes' Campaign

The most positive way to reduce the heating cost in the wintertime is to wear underclothes. Green Korea United has been leading this “let’s wear underclothes” campaign for the last 3 years and this campaign has evoked much interest from society. To wear underclothes is only a small action for our environment, but through this action, we can change our values and lifestyles. All the people in this country can get together and act on this environmental activity to try to change their lifestyle, and this is the first step to it.

Ever since humans started measuring things in 1983, the temperatures have risen over the last 10 years. 1998 was recorded as the hottest year ever. Because of excessive energy consumption, global warming creates serious problems for human beings, such as an unusual change in the weather, sea level rise, desertification, diseases, water shortage, crop damage, and difficulty in obtaining food.  It is a natural law to be cold in the winter and to be hot in the summer. However, it is our concern that we currently experience excessive energy consumption in our country. If we get on the subway, we get so hot that we have to get off sweating. We have to take off our outer garments in the big shopping malls.  

Then, what is a proper indoor temperature in the wintertime?
The proper indoor temperature in the wintertime is about 18~20degrees C. This number is based on the ease of job when it is done in the house. 

1) Indoor Temperature Standard of Space Uses in the Winter


Living Rm &
Dining Rm

Bathroom &

Study Rm


Hallway &
Entrance hall

Temperature (℃)






2) Indoor Temperature Standard of Other Countries in the Winter






Temperature (℃)

18.3 or lower

19 or lower

19 or lower

18 or lower

If we actually wear underclothes in the wintertime, we can keep the same body temperature as not wearing underclothes even if the indoor temperature is adjusted 6~7degrees. As shown in the table above, the saving that we can get by lowering 1degree is about 154,800 million won based on the city laborer’s house. That number tells us that we can save 23,430,000 dollars of energy import each year.


Savings in heating

Savings in energy import for each year


154,800 million won

23,430,000 dollars


309,600 million won

46,850,000 dollars


774,000 million won

117,130,000 dollars

Also, if the indoor temperature difference is more than 5 degrees, you may experience dizziness, headaches, stomach pain, heart disease, and neuralgia from imbalance of autonomic nerve system. 
Every December, Green Korea United holds an “Underclothes Fashion Show” with the cooperation of Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO). Also in 2003, Green Korea United will open the show to implement energy saving measures among citizens. 

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