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April 4th, No Paper Day!!!

Can you remember that the author of , Alvin Toffler said "The computer would make a no paper world?” The amount of using computers and internet have soared since 90's, however that of using papers are mounting up steadily 6~7% each year such that 6.3 million tons in 1999, 6.7 million tons in 2000, 7.1 million tons in 2001, 8.07 million tons in 2002,

If actually, you consider your life, you can find that papers are used more than before. Free newspapers which are in the newsstand since some day morning, an aromatic embossed tissue which is developed better day by day, a report paper which is submitted to the class, an A4 paper which is used on a meeting, a disposable wastepaper which is piled up in the store, receipts which fill fully a wallet, bills which fill fully a mailbox, magazines which are fully on the floor.

Can you realize how much we make wasteful paper if you consider that saving just an A4 paper survives 4800 trees ? (a A4 paper = a tree, 48 million people = 4800 trees)

Since , 2002, Green Korea has notified steadily that a campaign for converting the e-bills and a method which reduces the amount of using papers.
Please give us your ideas about reducing wastepapers in daily lives and practice yourself.

‘You save just one piece of paper, 4,800 trees can be survival.’

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