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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ven. Jiyul Sunim?

Venerable Jiyul Sunim is a simple Buddhist of Naewonsa, a monastery in Mountain Cheonseong in Yangsan, Province Gyeongnam about 420 kilometers away from Seoul, South Korea.

Why has Ven. Jiyul Sunim fasted four times, putting her life at stake?

Ven. Jiyul Sunim has been fasting for 98 days on the 1st February 2005 demanding the South Korean Government to organise a joint research team to re-conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment in due procedures and with basic principles for the under-going tunnel construction of Korea Train Express (KTX) between Busan and Seoul that will penetrate Mt. Cheonseong. 

What about Mt. Cheonseong?

Mt. Chenseong is situated in Yangsan, Province Geyongnam, South Korea. Its ecological significance has been proved in many aspects. Mt. Chenoseong holds the habitat of 22 wetlands, 12 valleys, 39 reservoirs and more than 30 rare species of flora and fauna including clawed salamanders under the protection of Korean and international laws, conventions and agreements such as Korean Laws and Policies on Nature and Environment Conservation, United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, World Charter for Nature, United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Earth Summit Forest Principles, Montreal Process, International Covenant on Human Rights.

So what is happening to Mt. Cheonseong? What is the Problem?

As soon as the Korean government decided on the construction of the Korean high speed railway as a national project in 1989, it conducted the Environmental Impact Assessment in 1994. However, throughout the process, the Assessment was NOT duly taken with basic principles and procedures stated on the national environmental laws. It completely excluded the negative impacts of the tunnel construction on all the flora, fauna, wetlands, valleys and reservoirs and ecological degradations such as the landslide of the wetlands, the ground sinking, the drainage of underground water and the dry of drinking water expert researchers seriously pointed out. 

What is the Class Action, 'Clawed Salamander Case'?

There has been a public agreement on the failings of the construction plan and the assessment with the Korean Government. Although the Government has pledged several times to organise a joint research team and to re-conduct a proper Environmental Impact Assessment with due procedures and basic principles, nothing has been changed in reality. Thus, to save silent sufferings of our little friends particular the clawed saladanders Ven. Jiyul Sunim and her friends with pubic support have filed an unprecedented class lawsuit against the Korea Rail Network Authority and the Ministry of Environment, South Korea.    

What is the alternative Ven. Jiyul Sunim has suggested?

Ven. Jiyul Sunim has consistently suggested that the Korean Government and the Korea Rail Network Authority should organise a joint research team to reconduct the Environmental Impact Assessment in due procedures.

How could you take actions and help Ven. Jiyul Sunim to live?

Please send a sentence of support and encouragement to Ven. Jiyul Sunim by fax and send an email to urge the President to consider the last plea of Ven. Jiyul Sunim and her wish to save the lives of Mt. Cheonseong.

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