1. The government announced the principal plan of Korean Train Express (KTX) through Mount Cheonseong. (June 1990) The 1994 Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken and excluded the investigation about 30 kinds of the protected animals, plants, and 22 swamps. (1994.10)

2. The experts made an issue of the ecological insecurity occurred by the landslide of the marsh under the route of KTX through Mount Cheonseong, such as the ground sinking, the drainage of underground water, the dryness of drinking water, and other geological problems. (2001. 11)
Roh, the candidate for the presidency in December 2002 election, pledged to invalidate the construction of high-speed rail in Mount Cheonseong. (2002. 10.26)

3. The government announced to go ahead to the construction of the high-speed rail(2002. 11.13) and Ven. Jiyul Sunim started the 1st fast. (2003. 2.5)

1) President Roh confirmed that the government would stop tunneling on the Mount Cheongseong and promised to reexamine the project. Ven. Jijyul Sunim stopped the 38 day fast.
2) She prostrated 3,000 times a day at the square of Busan City Hall for 43 days. (2003. 8. 17)

4. Rail Line Review Commission concluded that construction was to move ahead. Ven. Jiyul Sunim began the 2nd fast. (2003. 10. 4)

1) Ven. Jiyul Sunim brought in a lawsuit against the government on the problem of the 94’ Environmental Impact Assessment in the name of ‘Clawed Salamander’, a symbol of Mount Cheonseong. She insisted that the whole process of the research had not been done properly.
2) Some people worried about the health of Ven. Jiyul Sunim and other Buddhist monks also persuaded her to abandon the hunger resistance. When 170,000 persons supported her with their signature for the lawsuit, she stopped the 45 day fast.

5. But the court dismissed the ‘Salamander’ class action. (2004. 4. 8)

1) Ven. Jiyul Sunim initiated to the 3rd hunger resistance in front of the Cheong Wa Dae, the presidential palace. (2004. 6. 30)
2) The government announced to re-conduct the Environmental Impact Assessment and to halt the construction. She discontinued the 58 day fast. (2004. 8. 27)

6. The Ministry of Environment broke the pledge to conduct the Environmental Impact Assessment with a joint research team. Ven. Jiyul Sunim took off the 4th hunger resistance. (2004. 10. 27)

1) Kwak Gyulho, the Minister of Environment declared not to abandon the construction of High-Speed Rail (2005. 1. 24)
2) Religious leaders from Roman Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists and Won-Buddhists have repented of Ven. Jiyul Sunim’s "fast-unto-death" hunger resistance. (2005. 1. 28)
3) Ven. Juyul Sunim has been fasting for 97days. (2005. 1. 31)

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