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Han River Wetland

In the Wetland Preservation Law(Feb.8th.1999) which was established to preserve the wetland effectively, a wetland preservation area means the place the natural condition of which remained in primitive state or the place where variety of creatures live.

▲ First Draft of Wetland Preservation Law: area in Han river estuary. ⓒMinistry of Environment

▲ Rvision: Gimpo and some areas of Gangwha were excluded. ⓒMinistry of Environment

Related to this, it is natural that the swamp of Seoul, which is the important water source of 12 million Seoul residents, was designated as a wetland preservation area. However, we have a suspicion weather the government fully considered the concrete place and the importance of the creatures depending on it and its ecosystem. That's because not only the range of the preserving area has been reduced but also the preservation of related area was given up.

Moreover, I am sorry that they couldn't conduct fully effective preservation polices since they didn't study the ecosystem of the lives to preserve, although they should do if their aim was to protect a certain part of lives. As for a white-naped crane, we can't find any make-up policies for the destruction of its habitat due to the development of the new city in Gimpo area.  A white-naped crane desperately needs the swamp designated as preservation area because it depends on it when it takes a sleep.  Although some groups of white cranes use a sandbar of a riverside or farmland of military reservation place in Paju, the size of habitat is definitely lack, considering the number of th during their wintering.

▲ Hongdopyong in Gimpo, prominent feeding area of white-naped cranes. ⓒMinistry of Environment.

▲ A cuple: Ilyoplax deschampsi ⓒPak Yong-hae

▲ Ilyoplax deschampsi’s habitatⓒPak Yong-hae

This is same for the protection of the habitat and bed place for red crowned cranes using farmland and sandbar, and black-faced spoonbills using the edge of the river, although they are enlisted in Red Data Book. Besides, in the case of benthos such as Sesarma intermedium(this is ond of endagngered species) and Ilyoplax deschampsi, more active protection policies are needed since the removal of iron fence is at
issue being in gear with development pledge of self government of the region. 

▲ Black Faced Spoonbills. ⓒMinistry of Environment

▲ Sesarma intermedium ⓒPak Yong-hae

Especially, it disobeys the principles of equality to reflect only the opinion of Gimpo governments among the self-governments having the mouth of the Han river as administration district . Also, it is certain that it will lead to destruction of the ecosystem of Han River, considering the sharply changing situation due to removal of the iron fence and collecting stone. Since the animals don't live apart in south part and north part. If the destruction of the mouth of the river causes a lot of inconveniences and agonies, animals will ought to leave their habitat. If that happens, the purpose of designation of swamp preservation area will not be achieved and the variety of Han River species will decrease dramatically.

▲ Wetland outside of Janghang IC Fence

Our concern is deep since we experienced the bad situation in Nakdong river area. As they permit the development of even designated area, making lots of exception rules, it is difficult to expect they preserve the place they didn't designate at first. In addition, the government department related to development is inducing or overlooking nature-destructing development, consulting with other departments or central departments. Therefore, we demand more active protection policies to stop the reckless development of the mouth of the river. To protect the designated area effectively, active and practical policy is needed which includes systematic research about the lives and the areas to protect.

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