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Don't Take It Away From Us

May 4th

Over 400 people have been arrested and hundreds hospitalized in the largest and most brutal attack so far. The elementary school was taken over by soldiers, and barbed wire is being constructed in the fields.

The farmers of Daechuri and Doduri have long been resisting the Korean government's attempts to force their eviction in order to make way for the expansion of the "Camp Humphreys" (K-6) US Military Base.

After years of legal battles, in December 2005, without public input or oversight, the Central Land Expropriation Committee approved the MND's request for imminent domain aquisition of the farming villages.
Everyone who remained in their homes was guilty of trespassing on federal property.

1. Don't take it away from us!

The residents say "all the people eat produces from the field"

They call on the giving the field back to them.

2. What happened in Pyeongtaek on 4 to 5 May.

3. Don't make another Guangju!

You may remember "Gwangju" of May in 1980.

Police act as if under martial law.

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