- the letter of declaration is forwarded to the US Senate and the US ambassador to Korea
On the Monday 24th April, 100 figures from various social circles join a press conference to urge the United States to clean up the environmentally polluted land returned from the US military bases.

On the 7th April, the US Armed Forces in Korea announced “The plan to return the land" that they will clean up polluted ground water and other limited portion of pollutants among environmental pollution cases of the US military bases in Korea. However, the crucial matter - the soil pollution that has been a critical factor in the negotiations on the environmental degradation of the US military, has been left out in this plan. Accordingly, the plan dose not take care of primary sources of environmental pollutants at all, which suggests that the US seriously does not get involved with environmental concerns. Despite the doubtful effectiveness of the plan itself, the Commander of the US Armed Forces, Korea in the early April enraged the Korean people by saying that if the Korean government deals with environmental issues unilaterlly, then it would disturb the Korea-US alliance.

It should be clarified in the press conference that the US attitude fatally threatens the environmental rights of Korean people and seriously disturbs the sustainable relationship between two nations. At the same time, it is emphasized that the US should observe the 'Polluter Pays Principle' of the international society and in accordance to the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) take responsibility of restoring the environmentally devastated land returned from the US military.     

Professor Lee, Yeong Hee, Lawyer Park, won soon, other figures from civic-social organizations, academia, legal circles and beyond join the 100 People Declaration. Along with the Co-representative of the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy Park, Sang Jung, Lawyer Lee, Seok Tae, Representative Jeong Kwang Hoon and others 'the Letter from Korean Civil Society is to be forwarded to the US Senate and the US Embassy in Korea.             

100 People Declaration for urging the US' responsibility to restore environmental
pollution of the returned military bases

▶ Date and Time: Monday 24th April 2006 10:30 AM
▶ Venue : Nuetinamu Cafe, Anguk-Dong
▶ Programme:
    - Context of Press Conference and Current Status
    - Summary of Environmental Issues of the Returned Military Bases from the US
    - Statements from People
    - Future Activities and Plans
    - Letter of Declaration
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