Series of US Base Environmental Crimes in Korea
How long do Korean have to endure their hazards and immoral activities?

There are a series of environmental crimes happened by USFK (United States Forces in Korea). Currently US base environmental problems are raising public indignation to an alarming level.

Following the discovery of an oil leak near a U.S. military base in Wonju, Kangwon-do in May, another area near the base was found to be contaminated with oil. Residents had discovered the oil spill on June 27 after digging up the soil near the reservoir when an oily smell was detected coming from the site, located 50 m. away from Camp Long military base.

An oil leak was first discovered near the base on May 19, when farmers found large amounts of oil flowing into the waterways next to their rice paddies. This is the second time citizens have discovered oil to be seeping through the soil in the vicinity of Camp Long, raising fears of widespread and long-term contamination. As there is a possibility that the whole farming area has been polluted by oil, through joint inspection of the area must be swiftly carried out. The USFK has admitted leaking oil from the base but continues to deny the charges. Test results have shown that the oil in question is JP-8, the same type as the fuel sample taken from an oil storage facility at Camp Long. Unavailable in Korea, JP-8 is a type of aircraft fuel used by the U.S. military. So Yun Yo-wang, director of Wonju Citizens' Group (WCG), a civic organization organized a Humen chain campaign on June 16. 1,000 people gathered at Camp Long and protested by forming a human chain. .

Not only rice paddies but also the Seoul subway station, Noksapyung(6 line) was also polluted by oil from Youngsan 8th US base. An underground water storage tank in Noksapyung subway station was polluted by oil from the US base. On April 19 representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Youngsan 8th US base, and Seoul City Hall held an inspection about the oil leakage. So the Ministry of Environment also investigated the possibility of a leakage from the nearby oil station but they could not find anything. The Noksapyung Subway station is located 200 m. away from the 8th US base oil tank. The problem is that the oil leakage in the Subway station is extremely dangerous but the Korean government and the US base both hid the problem until May 31.

So including GKU, the civic groups in Korea had an overnight demonstration from June 12 to June.15 in front of the Youngsan 8th US base. People were arrested several times but their protest continued peacefully. On June 13 the civic groups found several US cars without license plates. It means US military people do not respect or obey the Korean transportation law. It also means they do not take responsibility when they cause an accident.

US bases in Korea have caused many problems. Now no one thinks that the US military stays in Korea for the peace of the Korea Peninsula. They are here for their interests. In addition, they do not keep the rule of Korea and destroy people's lives. We can not believe the US government. It means that the damage caused by the US bases in Korea will eventually come back to hurt the US itself because more and more Korean people are at the end of the enduring limit of the US base problem.

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