Environmental groups, including Green Korea United held a protest rally in front of City Hall, demanding a halt to the city's golf course construction at Nanjido in western Seoul on 27th, April. The protest rally came near the ninth anniversary of No Golf Day.  If Seoul City builds a golf course at Nanjido, it will destroy the wildlife that is finally returning to the former dumping ground.

The members also held performance featuring a golf stick striking down flowers, trees, birds and humans, suggesting that the government's policy to popularize golf has led to a surge in new golf courses being built around the country, destroying the environment.

Environmental groups, including Green Korea United held a 100-day-long "one-man campaign" from May 2 in front of the City Hall building as part of protests.

City Hall said it made a final decision to build an "eco-friendly" 8 billion won ($6.1 million) nine-hole golf course covering an area of 58,000 pyong (one pyong equals 3.3 sq. meters) at Nanjido in Sangam-dong by April 2003. The golf course plan is part of Seoul City's project to create a "millennium park" on the 1.1 million-pyong site of Nanjido, where the city is building the main stadium of the 2002 World Cup soccer finals, beginning in May next year.

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