Residents of the coastal village of Maehyang-ri in Hwasong County, Kyonggi- do, have won a court battle against the government for compensation for damages caused by U.S. bombing exercises. The Seoul District Court ordered the government to pay a combined total of 132 million won ($100,000) in compensation to 14 Maehyang- ri residents who claimed they suffered damages from strafing exercises at the nearby Koon-ni range run by the U.S. Air Force.

It marked the first time that the Korean government was ordered to pay compensation for damage inflicted on residents by U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) military exercises. Legal experts said that the ruling has significant implications as the government is in the process of screening the scope of damages on other Maehyang-ri residents allegedly caused by strafing drills. The ruling is also expected to have a direct effect on other damage suits filed against American troops stationed in the country. The current SOFA entitles Koreans to seek compensation from the Korean government for damages arising from illegal activities by U.S. troops.

The court order is likely to encourage civic groups to launch a move to press for the revision of the just-amended SOFA in a bid to have the U.S. military take direct responsibility for all of its illegal activities.

"We have found that Maehyang-ri residents have been troubled with an 'intolerable' level of noise pollution caused by the U.S. military's firing exercises almost every day since Koon-ni range was set up in 1955," presiding judge Chang Jun-hyon said in the ruling. However, American warplanes still conduct their strafing exercises on the nearby Nongsom island, 1.5 kilometers from the village.

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