On 23, March the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office sought a summary indictment of Albert Mcfarland, vice chief of a mortuary in the U.S. Eighth Army's camp at Youngsan, for violating toxic waste laws. Prosecutors are seeking fines of 5 million won ($3,815).
GKU is strongly protesting the prosecutor's judgement. Mr.

Mcfarland ordered to pour 480 bottles of formaldehyde, a toxic substance, into the Han River. Korean people are really frustrated and shocked with this accident. So we asked that Mr. Mcfarland stand in the court and be punished. But the result is a $3,815 fine. Moreover, the informal indictment marks an about face from the prosecution's earlier stance that it would seek a formal indictment without physical detention.
GKU will not accept this decision at any way.

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