U.S. Forces Korea's discharge of a toxic chemical into the Han River was selected as one of the top 10 environmental news stories of 2000 by Green Korea United.

GKU selected 10 major events that had a huge effect on the Korean environmental sector this year. The USFK's dumping incident was very significant, as it was the first time in 55 years that USFK gave a formal apology to the Korean people. The recent discovery of the Asian Black Bear in the Chiri Mountain area was also considered a hopeful event that triggered a campaign to preserve the ecological wildlife of the region.

Other news that were selected included:
the rampant development of farmland; the scrapping of the Dong River dam project; the civic movement against the Saemangum reclamation project; the launch of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development; the civic movement opposing dam construction in the Chiri Mountain area; the forest fires in Kangwon-do; the issue of endocrine disrupters; and the suspension of a massive apartment complex near Paldang reservoir.

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