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Youth Eco-Camp

Green Korea United will hold an interactive environmental camp from August 9-15 in Wangpi Chun, located about six hours from Seoul in the south Kyoungsang-Buckdo province. The GKU staff will lecture, lead fieldwork, teach mountain survival skills, and generally enable people to become more informed about wildlife in an effort to foster a closer connection to nature.

Each day will have its own theme. The first day's theme is "Let's Go!" because it will provide an introduction and orientation to the eco-school. The second day will focus on being a "Friend with Water" because it includes a lecture and fieldwork on the wildlife in Wangpi Chun. There will also be a lecture on the polluted water of the Duman River that will be followed by a more general debate on water pollution. The third day's theme is "Friend with Forest" because it features two lectures on plant wildlife as well as two sessions of fieldwork about agrarian life and organic farming. Participants will be shown a video of the Duman River and then begin preparation for camping after having dinner with some local people. The fourth day will focus on being a "Friend with the Sky". During this time participants will learn survival skills, finish camping preparations, and set out on one of four courses. People will be divided into four different teams and hike to their respective camp sites during the fifth and six days, which are aptly titled "Into Nature". People will spend two nights and three days camping during which they will observe wildlife first-hand and apply the knowledge and techniques learned during the first few days of the camp. On the sixth day all teams will again gather at the base camp for presentations on each team's findings and a night of play-eating and drinking. The final day's theme is "We Become Nature" and includes time to clean up base camp, stage a graduation ceremony, and return to Seoul.

By Michael Shea (GKU volunteer)

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