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Let us all be peacemakers

Dear friends of Hiroshima and the world,

It is a pleasure to be with you all in this symbolic city of Hiroshima.
Myself and Green Korea United would like to express deep love to all the Hibakushas in the world.

The day before yesterday when I visited the museum I learned more about the crimes that humanity has caused. The peace message struck my heart and I felt the urge to share this with others, especially to close friends and relatives.

But as I attended the Conference although the message is one, the way many different people express this message was very diverse. So I asked myself "How am I to express the message of peace?" Shall I persuade them intellectually? Yes! That too is a very good method. True information could also guide people to be aware of things.
But I also thought of another method. Not from my head but coming from my heart.

I felt that if I was bright enough within I could inspire the souls of others and they themselves could express their love and peace.
In turn they could inspire others. A chain reaction that I believe can change the whole world.

As bright lights, we have gathered together in peace. As bright souls, we have gathered together to express peace and love.
And I want to take this great opportunity to add light that resides among you with a prayer.

Let there be light than darkness, peace and love within me.
Let my soul touch the souls of non-believers, to let them know that my soul is their souls, that we are one.
For your pain is mine and their pain.
Your joy my joy and their joy.

The sufferings of nuclear victims are my sufferings that have been forgotten.
Now that I remember let me remind others who have also forgotten.

Let us all remind others who have forgotten.
Let us all remind ourselves again that love can change the world.
Let us remind ourselves that we are one.

Let us all be peacemakers. And let us live in a nuclear free world.

Thank you for listening to my humble wishes.

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