The spotted seals in Baekryeong Island was appointed to the natural monument number 331 by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea in 1982 and appointed to the endangered wild animal level 2 by the Ministry of Environment in 2007. However, the fishery around the island has threatened the home of the spotted seals due to the local residents’ scant regard for them. In this respect, it is urgent to strengthen publicity activities to raise awareness of the spotted seals and to draw up a plan for the conservation of the spotted seals through the local residents’ consultation.

On this, the Green Korea United (GKU) tried to inspire interest in the spotted seals into the youth and at the same time it also tried to raise awareness of the spotted seals among the local residents and formed a wild animal conservation group which the local residents and youth joined. The group is aimed at doing continuous awareness-raising campaigns among the local youth as well as providing a space which the local residents can get together on a long-term basis.

The GKU formed a monitor group for the conservation of the spotted seals, which consisted of the students living in the island. Through the group, the GKU observes and records the life of the spotted seals and conducts an education of the ecology so that it can accumulate the data about the number of the spotted seals.

Also, the GKU arouses people’s interest by conducting conservation activities such as a campaign, a public promotion etc. and plays a part as a main body of the active conservation activities. It cooperates with the schools in the island in terms of the activities so that they can be lastingly conducted in the area.

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