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Shall we ECO-marry (or green-wedding)?

Finally, I met my soul mate. I decided to marry him to become happier than ever. While preparing for my wedding day, I came to know that CO2 emissions for the average wedding day surpass the standard amount of CO2 per year which a person usually emits (about 12tons), reaching up to 14tons of CO2. These days, on TV, we hear so much on the news about the economic recession and often see documentary films about animals and people who are living at the North Pole and are in danger because of global warming. At this point, let's find a way to protect the environment and prepare for a wedding meaningfully.

First: Marry in wedding hall with easy access
On a wedding day, CO2 emissions increase because of transportation. So, find a wedding hall which is easily accessible. If you marry somewhere with large parking lots, it means that you pay a lot for the wedding hall. But, if you choose a wedding hall convenient for transportation, you may save money and your guests will be able to find the wedding easily using public transportation. If possible, marry on the lower floor where guests don't need to take the elevator. Moreover, we can decorate the wedding hall with plants rather than cut flowers and then give them to the guests as gifts after the wedding ceremony.

Second: House, the bride's outfit, wedding gifts
When we marry our love, we need a house to share with our lovely spouse. Look for a house with furniture, thick walls and which gets a lot of sunshine. If you need more furniture, use your old furniture or repair second-hand items. To save the planet and forests, please do not waste wooden furniture. If you buy new furniture, please check whether it has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) mark.
In addition, let's purchase electric applicancies with high energy efficiency to save electric power.
At the place where diamonds or gold are mined, environmental destruction and labor exploitation often occur. Therefore, when a groom proposes to a bride, he should give the bride not jewelry but another gift or jewelry produced by a responsible company.

Third: Invite guests in the following manner
The common type of wedding invitation card causes waste paper because the size of the wedding invitation card is different from the size of commonly used paper. You can use recycled paper, not common wedding invitation cards and design them yourself. If you are good at using a computer, send invitation cards by e-mail or text message.

Fourth: Make your own dress and bouquet
The bride and groom usually wear a wedding gown and tuxedo, plus Hanbok which is traditional Korean dress, and another dress. However, most brides rarely wear these dresses after the wedding ceremony has finished. It seems that we spend too much money in a careless way. Therefore, to spend money wisely, how about making our own dress which we can wear everyday? It will be meaningful to learn how to make our own dress from a culture center or educational center. In addition, make your own bouquet or corolla with seasonal flowers.

Fifth: Serve organic food or food of the season at the wedding reception
Food safety has been a key issue since last year. So, when we prepare for a meal for our guests, serve organic food or food of the season. Please don't use disposals such as cups or chopsticks. I heard of a couple who married in a church who held potluck party as a wedding reception. To celebrate a wedding, each guest brings some food and shares it out among the guests.

Sixth: Honeymoon
The married couple commonly has sweet memories of their honeymoon. Recently, many couples have decided to spend their honeymoon at a resort hotel run by a large corporation. If you plan to go abroad, choose the place where ecotourism is possible. And at your honeymoon place, take train which emits less CO2 than planes and cars do. After coming back from your sweet honeymoon, how about checking CO2 emission on the wedding day and then let's plant some trees or donate money as carbon tax to environment NGOs. (You can find out the amount of CO2 emission at this web site : http://www.kemco.or.kr)

I think that a bride and groom can create a new life through marriage. Moreover, it is quite an impressive moment for your family and friends who gave birth to you and take care of you. Therefore, if you decide to eco-marry, it is also important to tell them your thoughts and to help your family and friends to understand.
Future bride and groom from our green planet - are you ready to Eco-marry?

Kim Heejung is a beautiful woman who is interested in Ecological farming and good food. She is soon to make a new family and is practicing green-lifestyles when preparing for her green wedding.

translated by Moon Seongjin
Proofread by Simons chole Jane

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