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Visit to Green Korea United

Green Korea United is NGO which is to create a harmonious green world between the human beings and earth for the 21st century. This organization consists of 15,000 members who are essential players in preparing the necessary finances to support Green Korea United activities. The group is composed of experts of lawyers, scholars, and farmers who have acquired hands-on experience of how to harmonize our lives with nature. Green Korea United’s main roles consist of the followings: Environmental activities with citizens, creation of sustainable local society (including supervision over environment policy in the local communities), reviving sea and foreshore (rescinding the business of reclaimed land, e.g. SaeManGeum) conserving the ecosystem, protecting wild life, resolving environmental issues caused by the US military base (environmental pollution), diagnosis of current landfill situation as well as local residents, promoting renewable energy, rescinding designation of nuclear energy plants, and collaboration over environmental issues between South and North Korea.

Why did we visit Green Korea United?
The focus of our group is, “Universities – Environmentally Friendly Programs for Eco Campus”. While we were researching, we found the book called “A Guide to Create Low Carbon Consuming Green Campus” and the source was from Green Korea United. Although we maintained our keen interest towards environmental issues, we discovered we were lacking of specific environmental knowledge, so we contacted with Hyung-jin Son, Eco activist in Climate and Energy Bureau of Green Korea United. After a presentation and some discussions with him, we discovered why it is so crucial for university students to pursue the challenge against climate chage.

While Green Korea United was measuring the CO2 emission in other to make maps regarding plans to protect climate change in SeongBuk-gu area, Green Korea United discovered that universities emit an overwhelming amount of CO2. That is why this organization believes the universities must to be ate the head of making green campus. The map indicates that, Korea University, Gookmin University, Dongduk Women’s University, Seokyung University, Seongshin Women’s University, and Hanseong University emit the most CO2 emissions in Seongbuk-go area. Discovering that those universities are the biggest contributors to the CO2 problem, they must be responsible for taking measures to the amount of green house gas within cities.

We had such a great dinner with members after visiting Green Korea United in “Mt. Pizza” located around Daehangno. We introduced our selves and talked about our hometowns and schools. Later, we took a walk around the Maronie Park and dropped by a coffee shop to plan for the upcoming forum and spent time chatting. Everyone seemed to be excited about APCS Young Professional’s Forum. We finally departed very late night.

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