[Eco-system Conservation]

  1. [2009.08.14]    We urge the Korean government to withdraw reforms of the National Park Act(11)
  2. [2009.06.11]    To be joined IOPC Supplementary Fund, we support the revision of ‘International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage’(2)
  3. [2009.02.20]    Walking along with the Footprints of the Gorals in Uljin, Samcheok, and Bonghwa in 2007(5)
  4. [2008.12.24]    One year after - looking back on the oil spill caused by the Samsung Havy Industries(2)
  5. [2008.10.13]    The Friends of the Spotted Seals in Baekryeong Island: a Monitor of the Spotted Seals(1)
  6. [2008.03.07]    The farm bears are in the steel cage for 19 gram bear gall bladder which want to live in wild(3)
  7. [2007.07.27]    Unique ecosystem of the DMZ under threat due to the wastewater from the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(2)
  8. [2006.06.16]    The Dreams of Whales(2)
  9. [2006.04.25]    Han River Wetland(3)
  10. [2006.04.04]    Poaching for 1000 Spotted Seals, Wailing of Spotted Seals(2)
  11. [2006.03.20]    Spring at Saemangum-A New Start for All of Us(1)
  12. [2006.03.07]    'Is Baekdudaegan suitable for World Heritage Listing?'(3)
  13. [2006.02.27]    We are Feeling about the Distress of Wildlife Friends(3)
  14. [2006.02.21]    Save Spotted Seals(7)
  15. [2005.02.02]    "Save Jiyul Sunim"(3)
  16. [2005.02.02]    Chronology of the Ven. Jiyul Sunim’s Activities(2)
  17. [2005.02.02]    Frequently Asked Questions(4)
  18. [2003.11.05]    Korean Government Pushing Buddhist Monk Jiyul to Death(3)
  19. [2003.06.04]    President Roh! Please, Save Our Saemangum(4)
  20. [2003.03.28]    We start Samboilbae (three steps walking, and one big bow) to Seoul(1)

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