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  1. [2002.09.01]    War Everyday: South Korea's Bombing Training Site Maehyang-ri(4)
  2. [2002.09.01]    The Eighth US Army Division Discharged Toxic Fluid (Formaldehyde) into the Han-River(3)
  3. [2001.08.02]    Who is Going to Take Responsibility? And How?(1)
  4. [2001.08.02]    No More Land for the USKF Military Use in Korea(1)
  5. [2001.07.11]    Arrests at Yongsan U.S. Military Base: One Volunteer's Story(1)
  6. [2001.07.11]    Menwith Hill, Vieques, Okinawa: What's the Link?(3)
  7. [2001.07.11]    How long do Korean have to endure their hazards and immoral activities?(1)
  8. [2001.05.09]    Peace-yearning and loving People of Korea(2)
  9. [2001.05.09]    Maehayang-ri villagers will receive a Compensation for Damage From US Bombing Exercises(2)
  10. [2001.04.06]    A letter from Japan Peace Committee(2)
  11. [2001.04.06]    Korea fishing vessel hit by the U.S nuclear submarine(3)
  12. [2001.04.06]    Pouring Poison into Han-river received just $3,815 fine(1)
  13. [2001.03.08]    GKU strongly against revised SOFA(1)
  14. [2000.12.28]    USFK's Dumping of Toxic Chemical Listed as Top-10 Environmental News(1)
  15. [2000.12.28]    Statement on the International Symposium of the 2000 Japan Peace Conference(2)
  16. [2000.12.28]    GKU strongly demand to include new environmental clauses in the revise the SOFA(1)
  17. [2000.12.20]    War Everyday: South Korea’s Bombing Training Site(1)
  18. [2000.11.30]    Former U.S. facility polluted soil, water(2000/11/30)(2)
  19. [2000.10.02]    Do not trust the US military(3)
  20. [2000.10.02]    USFK dumped untreated oil into the Som river for the past 10 years(2)

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